Notice to Vacate

The following information is intended to help you understand what to expect, and help you follow the requirements of your lease.  Notice to vacate form is at the bottom of the page.

If you’re planning on moving out we are sad to see you go, but we wanted to provide a guide for you to ensure your move out goes as smoothly as possible.  These are the steps involved when you’re moving out.

  1. Give your written notice at least 30 days prior to when you’re planning to move out, this applies in all circumstances, regardless of any understanding you feel  that you have with a staff member.  This requirement is very clearly stated in the lease you signed.  This is a very important step that helps us make all necessary arrangements timely, and also helps future prospective tenants.  We generally don’t show any rentals until after you have moved out.  Notice to vacate must be submitted in writing via our online form found below.  You will receive a confirmation via text message (should be within one business day, please contact us if you don’t receive it within that time frame) once our team member has processed your notice.
  2. Make sure all of your belongings are removed and you’ve left the home clean and ready for the next tenant.  Leaving trash or damage will reduce the amount you receive back from your damage deposit.  
  3. Our cleaning checklist is attached here: Cleaning Checklist
  4. General wear and tear is recognized by a credit on your move out charges equal to $100 for each full year you’ve stayed in the home, this credit is limited to the total amount of cleaning and repairs.
  5. Even basic repairs and cleaning are expensive for us to get completed because we have to use licensed and insured vendors to complete the work.  
    1. If there is any painting, cleaning, patching holes in the wall, etc that are needed we highly recommend completing those before you move out.  The home is expected to be move in ready when you vacate if you expect to get your entire damage deposit back.  This means that all that should be required from our staff is to change the locks and complete the safety checklist for the next tenant to move in.
    2. If there is painting to be done, we recommend painting corner to corner as spot painting with color matched paint generally does not blend well enough.  If the spot painting is used and is obvious you will still be charged to repaint appropriately.
    3. Example charges as of August 2021, subject to change without notice:
      1. Painting average sized (12×9) wall corner to corner $144.00
      2. Replacing dirty or missing hvac air filter $35
      3. Minimum charge for cleaning of 1200 square foot home, $185
      4. Removal of items or trash left behind, $65 minimum
      5. Patching holes in walls – $45 minimum
      6. Lawn service – $60 minimum
  6. Balances that aren’t satisfied within 30 days will be sent to collections unless you make a payment plan arrangement with us.
  7. If applicable, please make sure the yard is mowed, edged, and weedeated and in generally good condition.  All trash, debris, and rubbish needs to be removed from the yard and properly disposed of as well.  If you are discarding a large quantity of items or large items that won’t fit in the trash can it is your responsibility to ensure these items are removed and there are no remnants left.  Often times the city may take several weeks to remove bulk items if they offer the service at all.  Your responsibility is not satisfied until the trash is removed from the property in full and the property is left totally clean.  Calling the city does not satisfy your responsibility in this matter.  There are many trash removal companies in the city that can do this for you if needed.  If we have to make those arrangements for you it will likely come at a higher cost.  
  8. Regardless of what date you stated that you would be moved out, make sure to turn in your keys as soon as you are completely moved out and the home is clean and ready for a new tenant.  If something were to happen to the home before you’ve turned in your keys you would still be responsible, so it’s always in your best interest to turn over possession as soon as you have no further need to access the property.
  9. We do not prorate the rent on the month you move out of the home.  You will continue to be charged rent until you’ve transferred possession of the home back to Mayco by turning in the keys in an appropriate manner described below.  If you retain possession of the home beyond the date agreed upon in your notice to vacate you will be charged a penalty plus daily fee in addition to any rent that is owed.
  10. Turning in keys: Please place all of the keys in an envelope with your NAME (or the name of the person on the lease) ONLY.  DO NOT write the address on the envelope or anywhere on the keys.  Drop the envelope in our dropbox at our office.  If the envelope were to be received by anyone other than authorized personnel from our company your name doesn’t tell them anything, but the address tells them everything.  This policy is meant to protect you.
  11. Inspection will be completed within 2 business days of receiving your keys back.  If you have any concerns about potential deductions from your damage deposit refund please let us know and we can contact you after the inspection is complete to inform you of the results and give you an opportunity to discuss the deductions.
  12. You’ll receive your damage deposit refund, along with an itemized statement of any deductions from the damage deposit (if applicable) within 30 days of your move out to the address listed on your notice to vacate.  Once you receive your refund if you have any questions or concerns please contact us.


Notice To Vacate

  • Address you're moving out of
  • This is where we will send your deposit proceeds and/or statement of account
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • How do you feel about the service you received while a tenant? Please be honest, this is to help us be the best we can.
  • How can we improve our operations?
  • Please note any issues you are aware of with the dwelling you are moving out of.